At a new stage

At a new stage And here at last some initial dictionary is acquired.

At a new stage we we learn to use words in the right place and at the right time.

I put before Sarkis a plate with porridge.

I hold a spoon in the left hand, to the right I do vigorous gesture, I cut air.

It is gesture a reminder, our prearranged signal Sarkis remembers that it is necessary to tell give.

Give! Further! Lo to tell the word spoon completely it cannot yet, but at the beginning and it it is enough.

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Quickly enough

Quickly enoughChildren, early finding to themselves the husband or the wife, are deprived of love and care of parents.

During this period, when you decide that your child grew, became adult and independent and it is time to it to marry, cease to care of it and start to treat him more cold.

Quickly enough it will find to itselfhimself the partner who will love it.

teenage girlTo the girl the love and care of parents even more than at this time is necessary for the boy.

Her lyrical mood will prompt to you that it is possible to suggest for it to read the novel or beautiful poetry.

Pay attention to how the girl is dressed.

It is not necessaryto resist.

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Here the boundless

Here the boundless To well it in cool water, but it would be desirable to see that is still created on light.

It is quite good to get friends elephants, rhinoceroses.

I show to Grisha slides Rokuell Kenta's pictures.

What magnificent, solemn show white ice floes, as if the ships, float one for another on dark water.

These ice floes are called as icebergs.

Here the boundless snow desert, and over it blurs a yellow spot.

It sun.

Everything around is filled in with equal, slightly yellowish light, and ice brightly shines.

No, in the Arctic it is surprisingly beautiful, in vain a walrus so is upset though to dream, of course, too quite good.

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We with Masha

We with Masha Rabbits were very much the interesting.

Rabbits have small fluffy tail and long ears, and color gray and black.

We with Masha ironed rabbits.

Cats at the aunt Natasha all different, is a lot of them black, red, striped and Siamese.

The Siamese call Lola.

It climbed all the time on a mother's jacket to get warm, and that is cold to it, because it old.

We came to Dashenka and the aunt To Natasha in the house.

There I looked books, drew, and mother with the aunt Natasha talked, then we brought the aunt Natasha to shop it there ra shop assistant.

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Why you cry, the kid What

Why you cry, the kid What Why you cry, the kid What you hurts That you now would like Why you go obstinate How you to bring up To whose councils to listen Zina's allknowing aunt or neigbour Tanya On itself having tested parental cares and a hardship, I would like to tell you that is rolled on our children to three summer age and how to behave with them during this important period.

Incessant DevelopmentAllow me to begin with the end.

Classical approach psychoanalysts osnovopolozhnito which Kama were Freud and Ship's boys, a part of approaches, I base on a development principle, and also there are a lot of everyday before stavleniye are reduced to that experiences of the child in the firstyears of life put its internal bases, and alsoform his behavior and the relation to the world.

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